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The dental industry is one that has heavily relied on word-of-mouth as the primary tool for dental marketing for the longest time, which is why many dental practices are hesitant at turning to online marketing to increase their practice’s visibility.

This is because online marketing is not something that they feel like they can track right away, especially with the knowledge that good online marketing will take weeks and even months for results to be made evident.

Consistency is key if you want results out of your dental marketing strategy. However, there are a few things that can clue you into the fact that your marketing strategy is working for your dental practice.

Your dental website is ranking well on search engines

SEO is one of the main forms of online marketing, so if you want to check if this is working for your dental practice is by looking up the keywords and phrases that you are trying to rank for on search engines.

Of course, the best way to track this is by looking these up before and after the implementation of your dental SEO strategy. If you find yourself ranking well for keywords and phrases that you have done poorly on previously, then this is a strong sign that your SEO is working well for your dental practice.

Your website metrics are returning good results

One of the easiest things to pay attention to during the progress of your marketing is your website metrics. After all, these are the numbers that paint the clearest picture of the progress of your marketing strategy.

At the beginning of your online marketing strategy, you have to take the time to identify which metrics you have to focus on. These are the metrics that you will be looking at throughout the implementation of your dental marketing strategies that can tell you how well your marketing is doing. If you see an improvement in your site metrics, then this is a good sign that your marketing is working for your practice.

Your practice is receiving more patient appointments

Any dental practice aims to have higher patient conversions as one of their main metrics, so if you find that more patients are making appointments at your dental practice, then this is a good sign that your current strategy is working. Make sure that you track where the conversions are mainly coming from, as this will tell you which strategy and online channel is working the best for your practice.