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If your website isn’t gaining as much visitors as it should or as it normally does, it’s time to think about strategies that will improve your dental patient marketing.

Putting effort and energy into the marketing of your dental practice will benefit the business so it should come as no surprise that other websites that have invested time and money into its marketing are more successful than your website.

Create a blog page

Your website should have a dedicated webpage wherein your blog articles will be published. This webpage should have a unique web address that your potential clients can link to when they need information about the topics you have discussed there.

On your blog page, you can write and talk about anything about your niche. You can discuss the benefits of regular visits to the dentist, explain the process of a root canal and why it is needed by some patients, warn clients against the dangers of bad oral hygiene, and many more. Your blog posts should not only be educational, but it should also be persuasive and influential.

Post animation and infographics

Most people are not good readers. They would rather spend an hour watching a video than 30 minutes to read a long article on dental health. That’s why it’s important that you also hire someone to create animations and infographics that will discuss and explain various concepts about dental practice.

This types of posts will usually cater to the younger generation, those who are more visual in nature. They will better understand the importance of visiting a dentist or maintaining good oral hygiene when this information is discussed through animations and infographics.

Highlight testimonials and reviews

Before a customer avails of your services and products, they would mostly go through a number of recommendations and reviews. Positive recommendations would earn your dental practice brownie points while negative reviews would push a potential client to look further and find another dental clinic to visit.

When there are negative reviews posted on your website by past clients, make sure to respond to it and explain your side of the story. If your explanation is reasonable, those who will read it can better judge the situation and decide accordingly.

Positive and negative reviews about your practice should be welcomed as long as you can respond to the negative comments in a manner that is respectful, firm, practical, and reasonable.