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To achieve success on Facebook, you need to build a community of engaged patients. It’s difficult to build awareness about your dental websites if no one’s talking about your dental practice on social media. You need to make sure your Facebook page is visible and making virtual noise.

But remember that it’s not just about how many likes your Facebook page gets. It’s about the quality of those likes. If you managed to amass thousands of likes on Facebook, the next question is this: Does it translate to unique views for your website? Does it generate patients? Are you receiving a lot of inquiries?

Optimize Your Profile’s Page Info

When a web visitor who has yet to “like” your Facebook page visited your profile, they’ll only get to see your profile photo, cover image, and a short description of what you do. If these are not engaging, a casual visitor will not even click on that thumbs-up icon on your page.

Fill out all the information Facebook asks from you. Select the categories that best describe your business. Make your website URL visible, as well as your clinic address, telephone number, and hours of operation. Write a short description of your clinic, too.

Post Engaging Content

There are two things you need to remember when posting content on your page and that is engage and entertain. Facebook rewards posts that have a lot of engagement (likes, comments, and shares) with increased reach. This means that when a lot of your followers liked, commented, and shared your posts, Facebook will put that post on top of the news feeds of your followers.

And if your profile is set to public, your post may even reach those who have yet to “follow” you on Facebook. Facebook is now also tracking how long a user stays reading or watching a post. If you want more of these brownie points, you have to keep posting engaging, interesting, and entertaining content.

Be Active

Consistency is the key to staying on your followers’ good side. People are unlikely to remember a profile page that doesn’t engage much with their followers and doesn’t post consistently. Being active on Facebook also means replying to queries as soon as possible, commenting on your followers’ posts, and sharing user content (as long as permission as granted).

Promote Your Page

You should not promote your dental websites every day. That can get pretty annoying. But it is advised that you promote it consistently and regularly (at least once or twice a week). Lead your followers to your site by posting snippets of content available there. If they find the teasers interesting, they might click on that link and visit your site.