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For many dental practices, investing in dental marketing is something that they’re not entirely sure of. This is because, like other forms of digital marketing, the results of these can’t be observed right away. It makes sense, after all, it takes weeks, or even months of consistent good marketing to get the results that you’re looking.

It’s important to remember that waiting a while for results is perfectly normal for online marketing. The results will be gradual, but they will come, as long as you’re consistent and maintain the quality of your marketing efforts. If you’ve invested in dental marketing, here are some signs that show you that it’s been working for your dental practice.

Your website is ranking well

If you’ve been using dental SEO as one of your marketing strategies, one of the things that you should be looking out for to determine if your marketing is working is your website ranking. Good SEO is usually rewarded with a good website ranking.

So if you look up the keywords that you’re trying to target with your dental SEO and you find your website on the front page of search results when it was much further behind previously, then this is a good sign that your dental SEO and marketing efforts are paying off.

Your website metrics are responding favorably

Another thing that you should definitely be looking out for to determine website success is your website’s metrics. Remember that your website metrics is the data that represents the success of your website from a technical standpoint.

Whether it’s conversions, traffic, or bounce rate, all of these numbers will help you understand if your website is succeeding in its goals and as a marketing tool. If you see your website’s metrics improving, then this is a good sign that your marketing efforts are working for your dental website.

Your practice is receiving more appointments

Of course, as a dental practice, the number one conversion for your industry is appointments. If you’ve been working on your dental marketing strategy for a while and you see your appointment rate rising, it’s safe to say that your marketing is working for your dental practice. More patients coming to your dental practice is always a positive sign for your dental practice’s marketing efforts.

Positive patient reviews

One good way to see if your dental marketing is working for your practice is by seeing your patient reviews. Remember that marketing isn’t only focused on how patients find your practice, it’s also in how positive or negative their experience is at your practice.

More positive patient reviews is a good sign that your dental practice is recommended by your previous patients, which boosts your online marketing efforts, attracting more patients to your practice.