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When it comes to your dental SEO and your dental marketing in general, content is first and foremost, always at the core of any good strategy. However, because of the nature of marketing and online algorithms nowadays, it won’t do to use any old content for your marketing, it has to be good-quality content, especially when it comes to your dental SEO strategy. But what makes for good-quality content for SEO? Read on to learn more about how to create good quality content for your SEO in order to help your site rank higher on search engine results.

Don’t obsess over keywords

Whenever you think about SEO, the idea of keywords will always be linked alongside it and for good reason. Even back when SEO was first introduced to the online world, it already relied heavily on keywords to help websites rank highly on search engines. Back then, this method of blackhat SEO was very effective at getting sites to rank.

However, with the recent revisions in the SEO algorithms, there is less of an emphasis on keyword stuffing and a stronger emphasis on quality content. Shoehorning keywords into every other sentence is more likely to get you penalized than anything else. However, while you shouldn’t obsess over keywords, they shouldn’t be completely disregarded, which brings us to our next point…

Use related keywords

While keywords are not the primary focus of SEO content, this is still a fairly important part of getting your website to rank well for related search words. The best way to do that is by using related keywords to help users find your website when they look up the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. Make sure to use these keywords sparingly to make sure that your website does not get penalized for keyword stuffing.

Write long-form, well-researched content

Of course, since good-quality content is the primary defining factor of the success of your dental SEO, it’s important to create good-quality, long-form content that contains information that your target user base will find valuable.

Make sure that you avoid plagiarizing your content at all times as this will definitely get your website penalized. Don’t forget to fact-check your content as you may lose online credibility if your users find out that your content is not factual and is listing facts that are not true or not verified.

Create shareable content

In order to maximize your dental SEO, you should create content that is considered highly shareable by users on their social media and respective websites. This means content that is engaging and easy to absorb, such as video content and infographics.