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If you’re ever wondering how you’re going to continue communication with your patients during this time, then that means you failed to build a social media community where they can gather, share, and discuss. This pandemic should prove to be the perfect time to do just that. Social media is an excellent way to reach out and engage new and existing customers. Your dental marketing strategy can be put to better use if you have an existing online community where your patients share their experiences, grievances, concerns, and questions.

Sign Up for a Facebook Page

Does your dental practice have a Facebook page dedicated to it? We’re not talking about your personal profile, which you use to engage patients. Your practice should have a separate page where your patients can go to if they have a question they need to ask. This will be an extension of your website. Most people spend their time online on social media. It behooves anyone to build a Facebook page for their businesses and professions.

Post Regularly

Once you have a Facebook page, you should make sure you post regularly on it. Don’t just sign up and leave it hanging. Whenever your followers check your page, they should find something interesting in it. They should find infographics, blog posts, images, videos, and so much more. You can post a question to find out more about your patients. You don’t need to post about your industry all the time. You can simply ask your followers how they are doing during this time. That’ll show them how much you value their loyalty.

Allow for Reviews

Open up the review section of your Facebook page. You certainly don’t want your followers to post their negative comments (and there will be negative reviews no matter how much you try to deliver great services) on their own profiles. That doesn’t give you the power to respond and explain. Let them air their grievances on social media on your page. That will give you the opportunity to explain your side of the situation and to show other patients that you value their comments, the good and the bad.

Facilitate Conversations

One way to facilitate conversation among your followers is to post user-generated content. Invite your patients to post a story about their dental experience on your page. You can share these stories with your other followers, so they will feel empowered to share their own experiences. This is a great use of your social media page to reach out to patients.