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The coronavirus pandemic is forcing people to see things differently. It also forced businesses to approach their processes quite differently. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, or web design, the world simply is never the same because of the pandemic. Dental patients are browsing through different dental websites to find the dentist and service they are looking for. Today, this is the only way you can attract more patients and generate leads.

Engaging Website

First impressions are everything, even in the virtual world. Imagine your website to be your receptionist’s desk. If your receptionist is snappy and annoying, wouldn’t your patients want to check out another dentist? They need to want to stay on your website. They need to see relevant information that will make them want to browse through the website. That is the goal of every website, medical or non-medical.

Be Different

Potential patients will remember you if there’s something different on your homepage. But if you keep doing the same thing as other dental websites are doing, how will they separate you from the rest of what they see? Think of a design element or other relevant information that will stick to them. Will a video on the homepage make a difference in your target market?

Give Them What They Need

The first rule of thumb is to give patients what they need—information, contact details, news articles, updates, blogs, and photos. They need these things to make the oh-so-important decision of choosing you as their dentist. Above all things, these will show them that you can provide whatever kind of information you want to arrive at a foolproof decision.

This is the beauty of a website. The dentists have the ability to reach out to more potential patients than ever before; all while doing the exact same thing they have been doing—provide relevant information.

Give Then What They Want

And then, there are things that your patients don’t need, but want. They want freebies, rewards points, and many others. They want the opportunity to earn points when they make a visit to your clinic. This is compensation that they can get behind. More, they want exclusive discounts. This makes them feel that their loyalty to you is being returned. Appreciation is something that all patients—regardless of demographics—wants to see.

Ultimately, your dental websites will be the central point of everything you do in your practice—generating leads, turning them into customers, and making loyal customers out of them.