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According to a number of studies, it has been observed that the most effective website design strategy is a simple website design. By choosing to simplify your site’s design, this can go a long way in boosting your practice’s growth. A simple website design helps in saving time to create a website for your dental marketing.

Here are ways that a simple web design can go a long way in boosting your dental marketing:

Simple website design promotes better sales

You may feel like you need a lot of snazzy and fancy features to get people to visit your dental website. You actually don’t have to. Simple designs and features are actually more likely to get a user to convert because of the simple guidance from the top of your site to the conversion.

It is ageless

Like a lot of things, websites also go through their own trends. Whatever may be trending for the day might be outdated by tomorrow. However, you may be pleased to find that that simple website design is not included in that respect. It remains to be a classic choice for website designs, no matter the industry.

Less distraction for patients

It is important for your website to provide information to patients without distractions. This means not putting any unnecessary details that may take their attention away from the main point of the site. It’s better to create a simple website to provide a good user experience.

For an effective website and dental marketing, don’t overwhelm your patients with too many features. Giving them too many unrelated features to look may confuse them. It could even lead to a difficult user experience, which can be detrimental to your site.

Meets the patients’ expectations

Like any other online user out there, potential patients appreciate a straightforward layout to a website. The simpler the website design, the easier it is for them to see what you have to offer. This means meeting patients’ expectations of what they will find on your site.

This refers to common site elements on most websites, including a homepage, a menu, or a navigation bar. For dental sites, contact information is essential, as this is to help potential patients reach out to you. When your website and its layout is easy to explore, chances are, the more potential patients will choose to stay and convert.

Simple websites don’t take as long to load

The famous saying, “Patience is a virtue”, unfortunately, does not apply to everyone. It is a reality that while some people are able to wait for a website page to load, the majority of online users cannot. This is why it is a huge advantage to use simple website design, as the load time for this doesn’t take as long.