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This is an internet-driven world, which means that practically every step you take is dictated by the internet. How did you find the TV series you are binge-watching right now? Who told you about the book you are reading? How did you know about a restaurant you’re eyeing to dine in this weekend? It’s all about online reviews and recommendations. The same goes for dental marketing strategies.

Your dental reviews for your dental marketing strategies are more important than ever, especially because information on the internet travels in the speed of light. One day, you’re perfectly fine and happy and contented with your place in the world wide web. The next day, someone leaves negative feedback on your practice and all hell breaks loose.

Research shows that there is a direct relationship between the growth of a business and the percentage of customers who are likely to leave positive feedback on its Facebook page or recommend the company to someone they know.

How Customer Reviews Work

Before we go to a dental clinic or watch a movie, we usually scourge the internet for information about the clinic or the movie. After all, isn’t that why Google is now on our fingertips. A quick search will tell us all we need to know about the clinic—whether it is recommended by our peers, whether it uses advanced technology, whether the dentist is someone who’s been in the industry for long, etc.

While companies focus on promoting their products and services through advertisements, they also tap customers who can leave positive feedback on their website or social media pages. Why is that?

Persuading potential clients can become easier if there are positive reviews posted on your site or social media about the services you render. People trust these testimonials more because they are more real than those done by bloggers and influencers.

How To Get Testimonials From Clients

Clients are usually easy to talk to once they received quality services and products from you. Do not be afraid to ask them to leave feedback on your website or social media. But remember to ask this favor only from those you are sure you’ve provided with great service.

Otherwise, you are only annoying your patient into leaving a bad review on your website. Encourage these reviews by providing incentives to those who will take the time to write you feedback to boost your dental marketing strategies. These incentives can be in the form of discounts or freebies.