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The benefits of good management of record-keeping cannot be measured. Businesses who know the importance of good record-keeping tend to prosper because they can easily keep up with their clients’ needs and wants. The same can be said for dental practices and dental patient marketing strategies.

Dentists who invest in a good record-keeping management software for their dental patient marketing stand to benefit more from the information the records consist than those who write on index cards and forget about it in a drawer somewhere.

Personal information can help you determine who your clients are

Most dentists will ask for a client’s full name, address, contact number, email address, birthdays, and medical history. Going through these records will help you determine who your market is.

What kind of people are going to your clinic to avail of dental procedures? Are they the millennials? The senior citizens? The baby boomers? The Gen X? This tiny detail can help identify what kind of marketing campaigns you should be focusing on and how to effectively distribute these campaigns to your audience.

Make discount offers to clients celebrating their birthdays

Since the information contains your clients’ birthdates, you can cluster them into groups according to month. You can then send a message to your clients who are spending their birthdays in January, for example, to offer them discount privileges.

Since their birthdays are coming up, and this dental patient marketing strategy has been tested by retail businesses, people are more susceptible to spend on themselves. Dental procedures are actually necessary, which doesn’t fall in the category of retail shopping, but you can still use this common behavior among people to push your dental services.

Remind clients of their dental and oral health needs based on their age and lifestyle

Based on the information you have about your clients, you can then have an image of their lifestyles, as well, of course, as their ages. As a dentist, you know what kind of products and procedures they need at different points in their lives.

You can set reminders so you can invite them to make an appointment with you. Your patients will appreciate the reminders, as well as the thought that you’re keeping tabs on their dental needs.

Good record-keeping should not only be used for your marketing strategies. More than anything else, it makes it easy to do inventories and account for services and products that you have already provided your clients.