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You shouldn’t call a dental marketing company just when you’re starting a new dental practice, you’re trying to attract patients through a promotion, or you just launched a dental website. A dental marketer should be part of your practice’s expenses.

Marketing your dental practice should account for at least 2% of your gross income a month. That’s a conservative estimate but seeing how people respond well to marketing strategies, this figure should easily increase.

High Bounce Rates

Do you know what’s the worst thing about the low number of visits to your website? it’s the high bounce rate. This refers to the percentage of web visitors who arrive on your website and leave within a few seconds. What does this tell you?

It tells you that they haven’t found anything useful on your websites. For them, there was nothing on your website that made them stay so they left the moment they arrived. This is downright depressing for any business owner because they have already lost the opportunity to close possible transactions.

New Dental Service or Equipment

If you have just been trained to use new dental equipment and you have it in your clinic, that’s another reason to need a marketer. The dental marketing company should be able to create a strategy that will bring the attention of your target market toward your practice.

What good would your new training and equipment be if nobody would know about it or seek to know about it? That’s the job of the marketer—to make sure that your target market is aware of what’s happening in your dental clinic.

Bad Reviews

Have you seen the latest reviews about your dental practice? What do these reviews say about your practice? If there are many bad and negative reviews about your practice, it’s time to call the professionals. They can create a campaign that will target these bad reviews, making sure to address the concerns and issues raised against your profession.

When you see bad reviews sprouting on your website or social media, you need to immediately call marketers and let them see what was being said about you. Next, you need to open up to them if such accusations and bad reviews have merit. Whether true or not, a good marketer will be able to navigate through these negative reviews about your dental practice. They should overturn these reviews in no time.