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What could be the reason why your dental practice marketing strategies are you feeling? You’ve done the math. You created a patient persona. You know what your patient wants. You provided for the things that they need and want. And yet, somehow you just cannot attract the right audience to your dental practice.

Interestingly, the reason could be just that they don’t know about you. The number one problem of most businesses is that they don’t put themselves out there. They content themselves by updating their websites and social media profiles once in a while.

They join exhibits but never really share what they do. Sure, they do talks and they try to share as much as they can to their target audience. But if people don’t know about what you do or what you offer, they won’t even think about your business or your dental practice when they are trying to find someone who can do a dental procedure.

But how does a dental practice put itself out there for the world and its target audience to see?


People love commenting on blog posts and links and photos and videos on social media. They leave nonsensical comments, inquiries, and even suggestions about an industry they don’t even know anything about. But that’s the power of social media. It connects a business directly to its target audience.

So as a dental practice, what you can do is to respond to every query and comment on your blog posts or your social media posts. The comment doesn’t need to be valuable or relevant to what you posted. If there is a comment or even a name that was tagged on your post, say a little thank you or give them a link to your website. Do not let one comment go without any kind of reply.


You need to engage with your followers. It’s not only about responding to inquiries, but it’s also about reaching out to them through emails, newsletters, phone calls, and through other platforms. Take note of their birthdays and set an alert on your calendar. This way, you can send a discount coupon to them 3 to 2 weeks before their birthday. If they want to have a dental procedure done before the big day, they can do so knowing that they’ll get a discount from your clinic.


Sharing things that are important for your target audience to know is important in dental practice marketing. If you read a great article about oral health, for example, you can share the link to your followers. The content of your website and your social media doesn’t always need to be curated by you. It is okay to share articles, journals, and news clippings that were derived from another legitimate source.

In fact, this practice is widely encouraged and embraced in the dental industry. There are not too many dentists across the United States. If you want this industry to grow and for more kids to like to become dentists in the future, you need to embrace one another, share the success of each other, and be genuinely happy for each other.