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How can your dental websites help you out of your predicament? Generally, dentists have full calendars. It takes such a long time to schedule a visit with one because they have their hands full all the time. But because of the coronavirus, people are afraid to make appointments with them. So, should a dentist just close the clinic and wait for the outbreak to pass? What happens to people when they have a dental problem? How can they take care of their teeth and gums better if they can’t feel comfortable about visiting a dentist?

Redesign Dental Websites

First, look at the current state of your website. Is there a lot of traffic there? Are people still visiting dental websites? If they are, it probably means they are looking at how to make an appointment, but are second-guessing if they should. Why would anyone browse dental websites for fun? People go to your site because they have a problem. That’s the simplest explanation.

But, while on your site, they are also looking for information about how safe it is to visit you right now. Since a dentist essentially works in the mouth, there is a huge risk for infection if either one of you has the virus but is asymptomatic.

Post a Message

You can help alleviate the fears by posting information about how you’re sanitizing the clinic, as well as the precautionary measures you’re taking to keep yourself, your staff, and the patients safe. Are you regularly being tested? Let them know that you tested negative for the test several times already. This will help assure them that they can visit your clinic.

However, you want to make sure that you’re safe, too. Tell your patients that they may be subjected to health screening to ensure that they are not carriers of the virus, too. This is for your protection, as well as for your staff. If they aren’t comfortable about being screened, then you can’t meet them for the appointment.

Walk Them Through

On your dental websites, walk them through the procedure in the clinic. There are safety regulations and standards that have to be followed. Make sure to brief them on how these procedures will be followed once they arrive. It’s important to make them see that you are taking all precautionary measures to stay safe inside the clinic. They should do their part, too, even if it means getting screened for the virus.