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You know you need to market your dental practice. You know that dental practice marketing is an important component of reaching success in this industry. But actually marketing your practice is a different matter altogether. It takes a lot of work, a lot of late-night studying, a lot of analyzing, and a lot of guts to dive into dental practice marketing and hope that the strategies you choose will work for your practice.

Community-building is a vital facet of marketing a dental practice. Getting involved in the community and knowing who the community members are put your dental practice in a better position to market its products and services.

It goes without saying that dental practices are local businesses. This means that if your dental practice is located in Florida, you need to target potential customers in Florida. Dental practices must be more specific than a state, actually. If your dental practice is located in Lakeland, it is best suited to market to those living in the area.

By nature, dental practices are focused on attracting local customers. They rely heavily on the local community to make recommendations and provide patients.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the most effective methods to market a dental practice but it shouldn’t stop there. You need to get involved in the community if you want to improve your dental practice marketing. There are many ways to get involved in a community and to make sure that they are aware of you and your dental practice.

Attend festivals or sponsor a little league team

If there are regular festivals being held in your community, you may want to check out if you can sponsor a booth or even a performance by a local band. The festivities don’t need to be related to dental or oral hygiene. It can be about anything and it’s perfectly okay to build a connection with it.

You can also think about sponsoring a little league team since this is as good as an activity to bring you closer to the community which usually comes out to support children-centered activities.

Teach a class in an elementary school

Can you remember about show-and-tell during preschool? That’s exactly what this can be. You can hold a small class in an elementary school and talk about the importance of oral hygiene.

This will encourage the students to regularly go to the dentist and have their teeth checked. You can also talk about your profession and see if there are other aspiring dentists out there.