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If your patients still need to call your office to set an appointment with you, chances are that you’re losing a lot of potential clients. Why? People no longer want to use calls just to reserve a table in a restaurant or set up a schedule with their dentists. If you want to improve your dental practice marketing, you need to set up an appointment system that will make it easy for your patients to reach you, inquire about your services, and book a schedule.


If you’re a dental professional, one of the first things you have to do is set up a website for your dental practice marketing. Your website should have information about your practice, your experience, the quality of your services, the products you offer, and the technology that you use.

Importantly, it must have an appointment system that is directly connected to your calendar. Patients must be able to set up a schedule for a dental check-up or consultation through this platform.

The platform must sync the appointments to your calendar so you know when to expect the patients.


Facebook is going to be a potential customer’s first stop. When prospective patients want to find out what your business address and hours of operation is, there are two things they are going to do: search for you on Google and search for you on Facebook. Thankfully, Facebook allows appointments to be set right on its Messenger platform.

You can either do it the old-fashioned way by manually conversing with the potential client or you can install a bot that will act as your “virtual assistant” and will answer queries about your practice, as well as point the client to your appointment system.

Google My Business

If you don’t already know, Google My Business is a platform where you can set up your business profile—the name, address, hours of operation, a map, frequently asked questions, images, and yes, an appointment system, too. For businesses, Google is programmed to show the GMB results first before the corresponding websites.

From the listing, patients can make a call, ask questions, view images, and set up appointments. You should take advantage of this platform by claiming your GMB profile, editing the details there, and ensuring that there’s a direct call feature that will connect patients directly to your phone lines. Or better yet, integrate the appointment system on the GMB profile and allow patients to set a schedule from there.