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It is the job of a dental marketing company not only to come up with great marketing campaigns but also to engage with the audience. It all begins with knowing the preference of your target market. You need to understand what they are looking for and how they look for it. Many brands have thousands of followers but fail at engaging with their target market. Having thousands of followers on your social media pages is futile if you cannot capitalize on these through engagement.

Here’s the number one rule when it comes to accumulating followers on social media: you need to turn these followers into consumers. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

Post Engaging Content on Social Media

What are the kinds of content on social media that will persuade your client’s followers to share and comment? Ask questions and let the followers chime in. For example, ask the followers what the scariest dental procedures are for them. You can use their answers to counter some of the most common misconceptions about dentists and the services they provide.

Before you post content, as a dental marketing company, ask yourself if this is something that as a social media user, you will want to see on your news feed. If it’s not, take it down and do more research. Your post should be engaging and shareable.

Use the Right Channels

If you plan to post about your client’s dental clinic and the various services that they offer, use Facebook. It allows the creation of a business page where your clients can talk about their products and services. Facebook also has advertising tools that will target a particular audience. But if you want to engage with your client’s followers by answering their comments and mentions, use Twitter for that. Twitter is more human because you can directly converse with the followers. It also allows for photo attachments.

What more, Twitter’s hashtags are more fluid and sophisticated than Facebook’s. If you have successfully marketed a hashtag for the dental clinic, you can find what people are saying about the clinic through that hashtag.

Respond Immediately

If there’s one thing that consumers hate the most about the brands they follow on social media, it’s being ignored. Spend time answering questions about the services your client offers. Respond to queries and comments. You need to make the patients feel that their feedback is important to you… as it should be. You have to know what they think about your client’s dental clinic and how you can turn them around if they think negatively of it.