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The most important thing to do before a dental marketing brainstorming session is to identify who your target market is going to be. To do that, marketing strategists need to create a buyer persona for the patients that they will target. These personas will help you plan your marketing strategies accordingly so that the time and resources you spend on it won’t go to waste.

A buyer persona is more than just a description of the people you are trying to sell a product or a service to. The main purpose of creating these personas is to better understand what your patients expect and demand from your dental practice. Your goal when creating buyer personas isn’t just to identify your audience; it is to understand what they think of your practice, what they expect from your business, and what motivates them to seek your business.

What They Think of Your Profession

You are well aware that many people have a genuine fear of dentists. They fret at the idea of visiting a dental clinic. They cannot even bring themselves to visit a dentist even when they are in so much pain. Do they think your profession is a necessity? Are the services you offer part of their budget? How do they see you? Understanding how your audience perceives your profession will empower you to offer the best products and services that will trigger them to be loyal to your practice.

What They Expect From Your Practice

What do they expect to happen after they have inquired or visited your office? Do they expect to be offered discounts or coupons? Do they expect your services to be more affordable than other dentists? That depends on where your clinic is located. If it’s located in a lower-income neighborhood, your target audience expects you to be a lot more affordable than the dental services they see in larger towns and cities.

You want a clear idea of what these people expect from your business. This will help you redesign your products, services, and dental marketing strategies. It might even give you a hint on why they are not doing business with you. Maybe they are finding your clinic too intimidating.

What Motivates Them to Inquire About Your Business

If they have a real fear of the dentist, they wouldn’t be calling you for a general consultation. Most people are afraid of dentists that they don’t visit one until their gums are literally bleeding. Who are these people who want to inquire about your products and services? Do they have teeth problems already or do they want to prevent dental problems in the future?