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Conversions are the number one goal for websites, and dental websites are no exception. For a medical or dental website, the primary conversion will always be price shoppers potential patients into new patients. After all, your main goal for your dental websites is to get patients to come to your dental practice.

So if your website is showing signs of a low conversion rate, then it isn’t accomplishing what it’s supposed to do. Learning why users aren’t converting is a good way to learn what you should do in order to fix a low conversion rate. Here are some reasons why your website visitors aren’t converting into new patients.

An unfriendly user experience

One of the most common reasons why your website visitors aren’t converting can be largely attributed to the poor user experience. If website visitors are finding it difficult to navigate around your website, then it’s going to be hard to convince them to convert.

Not only is navigating around a problematic website difficult, but it also gives off the impression that you don’t care enough about your users and patients to create a user-friendly experience on your website. If you’re having low conversion rates, then you should look into this being a probable cause why.

Your website is hard to understand

Remember that users come to your website for a specific purpose, whether it’s to learn more about your dental services, or take a look at something that you wrote on your blog. No matter their purpose, there is some form of content involved with their objectives. If your website content, whether it’s blog content or even website copy, is hard to understand, then it’s going to be difficult convincing users to convert on your website.

No calls to action

A call-to-action is a prompt that helps users convert. Whether it’s a sign-up form for a free quote or a newsletter, the call-to-action helps direct your users to perform the action needed to convert.

If your dental websites have no calls to action, then it’s going to be hard for your users to convert, since they don’t exactly know where to perform the conversion action. Always remember to implement calls to action in vital points of your website design and your site copy.

It’s hard to book appointments

As a dental practice, one of your primary conversions on your dental websites is patient appointments. If it’s difficult for users to book appointments through your website, whether it’s through an online system or a feature that allows them to contact your practice on their smartphone, then it’s going to be hard for you to obtain conversions. Make sure that it is a simple and straightforward process for users to book appointments for your dental practice on your website.