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The landscape of dental marketing is constantly moving and evolving to keep up with the current trends and industry standards today. A large part of the ever-changing landscape can be mostly attributed to the introduction of online technology to dental marketing. Because of how complicated it can get, it is not uncommon for a dental practice to hire a dental marketing company to help handle the scope of their dental marketing.

However, as ever-changing as the industry is, there are a few core strategies that your dental marketing company will endorse. Learn four strategies that your marketing agency encourages here.

You should be online

The number core strategy that your marketing company will definitely encourage is a strong online presence for your dental practice. This is not the time to be overly-reliant on traditional forms of online marketing, like television and newspaper ads. Not only are these more expensive, but they tend to be less effective than online marketing strategies. You should at least have a basic online presence in the form of a social media profile for your dental practice.

Set up a reminder system

While getting new patients in the door of your dental practice is definitely important, retaining your existing pool of dental patients is just as important. This is because this is a good source of revenue for your practice, as they already know what to expect from your dental practice.

A good way to encourage the return of your previous dental patients is by setting up a reminder system for them, which can be done via call or text. These can be formatted by informing them that it has been a certain amount of time since their previous dental treatment and that these are the hours that they can book for their next appointment.

Don’t disregard the importance of referrals

While referrals seem to be an old form of dental marketing, your dental marketing company will still see the value of this to your dental practice. You can encourage a referral system by creating an incentive program for friends and family, where you can offer discounts or package services.

Online reviews can do a lot

The online version of a referral is online reviews, and you should be doing what you can to increase these for the benefit of your dental practice. Always encourage your patients to leave a review for your dental practice so that other potential patients can see what kind of experience they can expect if they choose your practice for their dental health needs.