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Many dental practices think that having a good dental SEO score means they will receive many inquiries and patients. They think that being on top of Google’s search results will convert to more patients easily. They think that a good SEO score means more traffic to the site, and more traffic equates to profit.

But this is not how dental SEO works. Internet marketing isn’t this simple. There are many components to a marketing strategy online. Dental SEO itself doesn’t exactly mean success.

We’ve seen it all before: dental practices rank high on Google and Bing but don’t receive inquiries. They have thousands of unique visits a week but barely have patients at the end of the day. They have done the work—content marketing, call-to-actions, and video blogs—but no one is interested enough to make an appointment or call the clinic.

If you look at the numbers, they’re all good. They receive thousands of new visits a month on their websites. They have low bounce rates because they have good content. They have all the right information on their sites. They have good reviews from their patients. They plaster themselves all over their websites, believing that by introducing themselves to their patients, they will get more inquiries.

But all of these don’t necessarily equate to money, which is the goal of every marketing campaign. You want to have a good dental SEO score because that means more exposure for your dental practice. You want people to notice your website because you want them to inquire about your services. You want them to inquire because you want the chance to wow them with your products and services. This means they will book an appointment with you.

Isn’t is such a shame that even amid all the energy and resources you put into improving your dental SEO score, it’s still not an assurance that your dental clinic is successful? There are simply too many components to an SEO strategy that ranking high is not the be-all and end-all of your campaign.

In fact, when the strategy isn’t working, there’s only one route for you to take: let it go. You’ve already ranked high on search engines. You need to maintain that, yes, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with one strategy. You need better strategies to convert these visits into actual sales. You need patients to believe that you can deliver the quality services that they seek. Combining these two strategies will bring your dental practice to success.