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Why is it so difficult to find topics to write about on your dental websites? Why do you think dentists spend much on content marketing? It is often a challenge for dentists to find topics that will interest their audience. It is also a challenge to find time, skill, and motivation to write a relevant blog post that will drive traffic to your website.

Actually sitting down and writing blogs can be a nightmare for dentists, especially if they are busy attending to their patients’ needs. That’s why it’s important to connect with content writers who understand what your market expects. But you can’t very well leave all the brainstorming to your writers. At one point, you need to connect with your audience, too. After all, who better understands your patients’ needs than the one attending to them?

Use Your Patients’ Stories

As long as your patients allow their stories to be told, there should be no issue with using these stories to persuade more patients to come and see you. Ask your past patients if you can use their before and after photos. Maybe they’ll even leave a testimonial for your page. Stories from actual patients will inspire potential clients to seek out your services. Those who fear to go to the dentists might be inspired to consult with you and undergo procedures once they hear glowing testimonies from your past patients.

You don’t need to divulge the personal information of your patients. You should take precautions in protecting their identities and patient history. Nevertheless, seek their permission about sharing their stories on your dental websites.

Talk About Your Dental Practice

Yes, you should blog about your products and services, but these are not the only things your patients want to learn about your practice. They also want to hear about any events that you get involved with. Did you recently support a community event? Are you a part of any community organization or committee? Talk about what your dental practice is doing for the community. Write about some behind-the-scenes actions. Introduce your dental staff. Your patients are interested to get to know your dental practice’s human side.

Share Your Practice’s Philosophy

What do you care most about as a dentist? Share your advocacies with your market. Hopefully, they’ll learn from you and they can better understand the philosophy behind running a dental practice like yours. Talk about your interests outside your dental practice. You accomplish two things by doing so. One, you will be recognized as an authority in the subject matter. And two, you can share your passion for your profession.