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Is it safe to assume that everyone now realizes the importance of SEO for dental websites and all websites, basically? Are we in agreement that SEO is the catalyst to the success and the failure of a website; that when a website fails to follow the SEO guidelines, it will watch itself lose its Google ranking?

Okay, then. Dental websites are inevitably tied to SEO because what these websites need is the exact same thing that other websites are seeking: attention from the market. A dental website needs to appeal to the audience. It needs to use the right tools to attract as many interested clients as it can on the world wide web.

And that’s only half the battle. The attraction is one thing. These websites need to actually convince potential patients to set an appointment with the dentist and seek dental services from the practice.


Don’t be contented with using keywords on your blog posts. Use the proper keywords on every facet of the dental websites, no matter how little you think that impact would be on your SEO score. The keyword should not only be visible on every element, but they should also be strategically placed, too.

It should appear on the title of the website, the header, the footer, the content, the alt text, the meta title, the meta description, and the URL address. You need to make sure that when people enter that keyword on their search bar, Google will consider your site to be an authority in the subject matter.


Your website is going to be the one place on the internet that your clients are going to seek whenever they need to confirm the operating hours of the clinic, the appointment system, and the contact information. If they need to find out something about a procedure or a dental service, they are more likely going to revisit the website, too.

This is why it’s important that your dental websites are responsive across all mobile devices—smartphones and tablets. They need to adjust their settings and resolutions depending on from which device they are currently being viewed. Failing to do so is the biggest mistake you could do for your website.


Everything is fast-paced now. People are certainly looking for ways to get information fast. It’s not that they don’t have the time. It’s the fact that other websites are most willing to offer them the information they need without them having to wait for it. If your dental websites cannot provide that same speed in loading time and in updating the posts, you are losing a huge chunk of your potential market.