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You’ll be surprised to know that to improve your dental SEO, all you need to do are a few basic things. Yes, there is nothing extraordinary about making your website responsive, for example, and yet many dental practice owners and website managers still forget about this tiny important detail.

Here are the five major (but basic) improvements your dental SEO needs to attract more clients to your practice:

Use Local Keywords

Stop using those generic keywords. Instead, focus on location-focused keywords that mention the exact state, city, and town where your dental clinic is located. People are going to search for dentists in their respective areas.

No one really wants to cross states just to get to a dentist. Called a geo-modified keyword, these increase your chances of getting discovered. So, if you are located in Lakeland, Florida, for example, use this keyword: Lakeland dentists or dentist in Lakeland.

Ask For Reviews

Google is already ranking your website based on the positive reviews that it gets. The more positive reviews your website gets and the better your dental SEO is, the higher it ranks on Google’s search index. Do not be afraid to ask for reviews. If you sense that a patient had a good experience with your clinic, ask him/her to leave your business a review.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

If your dental website isn’t already mobile-friendly, you are losing a lot of opportunities here. No matter how good your website looks on a desktop, it doesn’t do your business well if it cannot appear as seamless on your patients’ mobile phones. You can test out how your website looks like on mobile using Google’s test. Or better yet, check it through your own phone or tablet.

Start A Dental Blog

Here’s another thing you must do to attract clients: start a dental blog. People are looking for information right now. They want relevant information regarding dental procedures and services. Your posts should be very strategic and they should contain not only the right information but the keywords that people are using on Google.

Ensure That Your Website Loads Fast

If we’re talking in generous terms, a potential client will allow a five-second waiting time for your webpage to load before they close the browser and move to another website. Realistically, your homepage only has three seconds to load. Otherwise, any potential clients will see this as a waste of their time and they’ll move on to a website that loads faster. That’s how simple this is, really.