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Assuming that you’ve already signed up for different profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and many more, the other step you need to take is to get your accounts verified. This is great for dental SEO because it shows the authority of your site or profiles.

There may be other accounts that are similar in spelling to your business name. They may be using that account to also sell products that are within the range of your products or services lineup. It tends to get confusing for customers whether you’re the same or different.

So, what you must do is get your accounts verified. That will tell your customers that you should be the legitimate source of information about dental practice. If you are selling products that are similar to other online businesses, having verified accounts will make it easier for clients to decide who to patronize.

Getting your accounts verified is easy. For most of these social media platforms, you just need to provide them with a valid government-issued ID. They will verify the authenticity of these IDs before verifying your social media accounts. You would, of course, get an email notification from them once your accounts have been verified. On Instagram and Twitter, a little blue checkmark will appear right beside your profile’s name.

On Google My Business, things might be more complex. Since you’re trying to get the address and phone numbers verified, Google will ask you to send a document that will show you own that particular address. You may have to provide a utility bill that your business uses or any other means to show that you’re the one occupying the space.

Getting verified on Google My Business is important because a lot of your customers will be looking for a dentist using GMB. Once the list appears on their screen, they are going to consider only, at best, the top three listings there. If you’re not on the top three, you’re already losing a great opportunity to attract a patient. If you are on the top three listings but your account isn’t verified, a potential customer might also choose a lower-listed business name that has been verified already.

Make it a point to spend time and effort on verifying your accounts. That helps your pages rank higher on social media and your dental SEO will also benefit from it.