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When it comes to your dental marketing strategy, dental SEO will always be a semi-permanent fixture in its foundation. Even back when the concept of the internet was still a fairly new one, SEO was already one of the major factors that contributed to website rankings and increasing a site’s visibility online.

However, back then, these methods were a little rough, as they made use of blackhat techniques such as keyword stuffing and listing your site on as many website directories as possible. Fortunately, nowadays, SEO methods require a little more finesse and expertise to carry out properly.

Any website caught making use of black hat SEO techniques is subject to penalties, and even banning. Despite its many changes, SEO still remains as one of the most efficient and effective ways of getting your website noticed online by boosting your site rankings. Read on to learn more dental SEO and its role in your dental marketing here.

Local SEO

One of the most popular ways of utilizing SEO in your dental marketing is through the use of local SEO. Simply put, local SEO is a type of SEO that aims to target a more narrow demographic to maximize your SEO strategy, often focused on a specific location.

This allows for a more targeted SEO strategy, which helps increase your chances of getting the results that you need on a smaller scale and making your dental website as visible as possible, locally.

How does SEO help?

SEO, particularly local SEO, can be extremely beneficial to your website mainly because of how users behave when they are looking for a specific service or product.

Users tend to focus their search terms to include a more local area, which is a pretty good reason why you should be focusing your SEO on a local area. This is especially true now that there is a stronger push to support local businesses and is now becoming a priority for many consumers.

Also, since more users are making use of their smartphones to look up certain search terms, you are more likely to get a conversion since you meet their specific needs within a local area.

How does this work?

There are a number of ways that you can accomplish your goals with local dental SEO, even without a full-fledged marketing strategy. One of the first things that you can do is register your dental practice with Google Business.

This already gives you a bit of a boost for your dental practice as it is already registered with the database, which makes it easy for users to find your dental practice if they search your area and look up your specific services. You can then incorporate keyword research and use into your current strategy, which helps narrow down your users’ search.