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Ever wonder why some of your patients are jumping ship? Put yourself on their position. What will make you leave the brand you’ve been supporting since before? If you have a favorite restaurant what will trigger you to never go there again and be loyal to another? Whether it’s a retail shop, a restaurant, or a dental profession, customers and patients want to be valued. Your dental practice marketing needs sprucing up if you’re losing the loyalty of your patients.

Here are the things you need to do:

Offer Incentives

If you think you’re losing customers, you have to start offering incentives. You can give them discounts and incentives every time they go for a consult or a dental service.

You can reward them with points when they recommend their friends and families to your dental practice. Customers love getting things for free so it’s important that you maximize on that.

Make Good Promotions

Maybe your current promotions are not impacting your customers. If your promotions are too vague and generic, it might not mean anything to your patients. Think about what your consumers want and work from there.

You can give them a free oral prophylaxis every time they bring a friend with them who will avail of services. You can provide them with a free oral health kit during their birth month when they go to your clinic for a consult or dental services. Your promotions need to resonate to your target market.

Conduct Surveys

How are you going to find out what your patients want and need? You can conduct dental practice marketing surveys. Give them questionnaires they can answer while waiting for their turn. Tell them that the surveys are being done to provide them with greater patient experience. Most of them would love the opportunity to tell you how to improve your services.

Value Opinions

What good would those dental practice marketing surveys do if you won’t listen to them? When you read their answers, take them to heart. Value their suggestions and comments. Plan to address the issues and concerns they raise. It would also be better if you can respond to those who answered the survey.

They would love to hear from you and it also shows how much you value their opinions. All it takes to provide quality patient experience is to produce a good dental practice marketing strategy. Once you have identified what marketing strategies work, you will be in a better position to retain customers.