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Part of your dental practice marketing strategies should be to keep in touch with your patients using email marketing. But this is a tricky strategy because not everyone likes receiving emails from their dentists. Not everyone loves the idea of being reminded that they are scheduled for a root canal or they need a routine checkup for their gum problems.

Honestly, practically everyone we know is, in some ways, afraid of the dentist. It is almost a sacred tradition to be deathly afraid of going to the dentist and having your teeth checked. However, in this digital age, it is also a crime for a dental practice not to somehow market their profession and services using email marketing. But how can your email marketing be different from the rest? What will keep your patients from getting annoyed that you reached out through email?

Do It Sparingly

The reason why your patients get annoyed is that some dental patients kept on sending emails regarding their offers, appointments, newsletters, etc. As much as your dental patients want discounts and coupons and even information about the dental industry, they don’t want this every single day.

It is tempting to reach out to your patients, but stop yourself from doing so. Instead, do it sparingly—twice a month is okay. Use that time to plan ahead, do research, create a marketing strategy, and write a compelling email.

Know Your Audience

In every marketing campaign you start, the step is to get to know what your audience wants. Who is your market? What do they do? How many times a day do they check their email? Is email the best way to reach them? Only you know how to reach your audience and what they expect from your dental practice. You need to write your email in a way that will appeal to your market so getting to know them is the first step in creating a sound marketing strategy.

Write In Their Voice

Part of the reason why it’s important to know your market is because you need to write in a way that will attract them. If your audience is the Baby Boomers, your write-up needs to be more formal as this generation tends to be conservative.

If you’re writing for Millennials, you can incorporate more fun wordings and images to your email message. If you’re marketing to Gen Z, you need a more innovative way to communicate with them since this generation is highly dependent on digital information.