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There’s a reason why going to the dentist goes on top of the list of the things people unreasonably fear about. People fear the thought of a dentist prodding in their mouth. Root canals are notoriously painful. Teeth cleaning is uncomfortable and awkward. As someone in the dental profession, you need to find ways on how to address these feelings of discomfort through dental practice marketing.

One such way is continuously innovating. Whether it’s a new skill or new dental equipment, your patients need to know you’re investing in ways and methods that will hone your skills further. Being more skillful than other dentists in the area means that you will find a way to ease the pain and discomfort that your patients feel when they are on your dental chair.

The anxiety of visiting a dentist is real, so you need to use everything in your arsenal to alleviate these fears and address the misinformation being spread about your profession with your dental practice marketing.

Produce a Video Showing How the Machine is Being Used

A video of the new dental equipment will help your patients understand this was intended to eliminate the discomfort they feel when undergoing dental procedures. it also shows that you are trained and could possibly be an expert in using this new machine. Patients love to know they are getting the best kind of service from their dentists. The use of new technology will show how far you are willing to go to make them feel better.

Sign Them Up for Free Trial

Whenever there’s a new machine, sign up some of your most loyal customers for a free trial. Your customers are great sources of positive recommendations, reviews, and testimonials. If you want the information about your new dental equipment to reach new patients, you need to tap your strongest supporters.

Once they are impressed with your new dental equipment, your patients will most likely reward you with good testimonials on your website or social media profiles. This is a great way to attract new patients to your clinic.

Give Flyers and Brochures Away

You don’t think traditional media works anymore? Think again. A big chunk of advertising still happens using print and broadcast media. Giving away brochures and flyers to current and prospective patients is a great way to introduce them to what kind of services you offer. Make these brochures and flyers engaging and attention-grabbing, so that your prospective patients will be impressed by what’s written there.