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You just invested in new technology for your dental practice. Of course, you want everyone to know that you are innovating so they’ll want to avail of your products and services. You can use this little bit of information for your dental practice marketing. The question is, how can you do that without sounding and looking desperate?

Tease Your Market

Marketers do this all the time. They create an advertisement that is meant to tease their audience about an upcoming product or service. Why does this work? People will always be intrigued about new developments in the companies that they support. When they find out that you are having a teaser advertisement, they will think about what possible products or services you are going to offer them. The seed of interest has already been planted long before you come up with a marketing strategy on how to sell these new products to your target audience.

Use the same strategy to impress your audience about a new dental machine or equipment. Long before the equipment arrives in your dental clinic, make sure that your patients will have an idea of what will come next in your practice. This will make them think and reassess their interest in booking an appointment with you.

Write a Blog

Why is this new technology important to your dental practice? How will your patients benefit from this new machine or equipment? Write a blog about this new technology that you’re adopting in your practice. If it makes a dental procedure easier, faster, and pain-free, make sure to highlight these benefits so that your patients will be interested in booking an appointment with you again.

Use Social Media

How about creating a video highlighting the features of the new machine that you’re going to use in your dental clinic? Hire a competent videographer that can create even a three-minute video explaining the advantages of having such technology in your dental clinic.

Of course, you need to share this video on your social media profiles. What good would new blog posts and videos be if they cannot be shared on your social media? Your patients need to see these kinds of content.

Join an Industry Event

The perfect venue for you to market this new technology is in industry events. You can join many industry events that will attract and invite your stakeholders. You can set up a booth and showcase the features of the new technology that you’re going to use in your dental practice.

The goal of these dental practice marketing strategies is the be relevant to your target audience. They need to see that you are constantly innovating and looking for ways to make their dental visits more comfortable.