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It is a well-known fact that the dental industry is lacking a sense of urgency in the field of dental practice marketing. No longer are you the go-to dentist of the local members of the community. Because of the internet and social media, some patients prefer to self-medicate or consult online with dentists from other parts of the country. Apparently, consulting online is not only possible now, but also cheaper compared to going to an actual dental clinic.

The reason why dentists cannot hire professional marketers has more to do with money than it is about welcoming this new approach in advertising their profession. Dentists don’t necessarily have a big budget to hire a marketing agency to create strategies and campaigns for their practices.

Thankfully, there are many ways to get what you want from a marketing agency without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. Yes, it is possible to negotiate with these companies given that your profession is also service-oriented like them.

Negotiate For An X-Deal

Dental insurance isn’t always included in the compensation packages of employees. A dental marketing agency would love to do an x-deal with you, wherein they can get a free consultation for their employees in exchange for doing a marketing campaign for you.

Pay By Milestones

You shouldn’t be forced to pay a huge upfront fee upon signing a contract with a marketing agency. What you can do is ask if you can pay by milestones reached.

This means that you will only have to pay the company every time they reached a certain milestone in the project such as the completion of the analysis of the dental practice’ target market, the approval of the marketing campaign, and the first, second, and last phases of the implementation of the campaign.

You can also pay only when your followers on social media reached 1,000 or more. It all depends on the goals the marketing agency will commit to and promise you.

Ask For A Discount

There’s nothing wrong with directly asking for a discount. You can do that and nobody would bat an eyelash. Being in this business, marketers are aware that not all of their clients are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a marketing campaign.

When you ask for a discount, be reasonable about it and understand that the marketing agency is not obligated to grant your request. These tips will hopefully get you the help you need in dental practice marketing. Use them wisely and do not abuse the marketing professionals you are going to work with.