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While marketers know about how keywords are important in dental practice marketing, what they are not focusing on is how critical it is to diversify keywords. Sure, marketers and content writers are using generic keywords. These are needed. You will lose opportunities by not shooting for the basics like “[your state] dentist.”

But you also need to think outside the box. You need a campaign that’s not going to look like the dental practice next to yours. If you truly want to make an impact on your audience, you have to do it the right way. And the right way is to diversify the keywords.

Unique Keywords

What will set your keywords apart from all the other keywords that dental practices and their marketers use? Using unique keywords is a major component of your dental practice marketing strategy. Instead of using “[your state] dentist,” why not use “[your state] emergency dentist”? That will result in higher web traffic because very few dentists offer emergency 24/7 services to their patients. Of course, you need to make sure that you’re offering this kind of service. Otherwise, you’re merely hoodwinking your patients into thinking they can call you during emergencies.

Branded Keywords

Can you use your brand when marketing? Yes, why not? What’s wrong is using your branded keywords (your dental practice’s name) in every facet of the website. Remember that you have to make it look like you’re not really marketing your services and that you’re just providing information to your patients. If you’re going to use your brand’s name as a keyword, integrate this into the content as natural as you can. Never force the keyword into the content because it will feel, well… forced.

URL Keywords

You don’t think you can use your URL as your keyword, right? This works if your content will be posted elsewhere. This will look good if some other websites will post the article. The URL keyword will act as an anchor text and a sort of “help,” too. It would look like this other website is merely helping its readers find your URL address easier. It won’t feel too promotional.

Long-tail SEO Keywords

Long-tail keywords are great for dental practice marketing because there are only a handful of people searching specifically for these keywords. You’ll have less competition ranking high for these keywords. And since they are very specific, you will also be targeting a particular group of your market that needs these services.