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As a dentist, you are in the service industry. This means that you have to focus on providing a great patient experience. If you neglect your patients’ demands and expectations, you risk losing them to other dentists in the area. Sharpening your dental practice marketing strategies is all about improving your services and making a great impression on your patients.

So, what are some of the cool things that can improve your patients’ experiences when they arrive at your clinic and when they do business with you?

Design a Cafe-style Reception Area

When it comes to local business, it’s all about a great first impression. One of the few things that your patients will notice about your dental clinic is the reception area. Many dentists don’t give a second thought on how the reception area looks. This is a mistake. You need to design your reception area as if it is your home’s living room.

Hire an architect and interior designer so that you can turn your reception area into a café style room. You can put up comfortable lounge chairs, free coffee, and free WiFi. Your patients will not even notice that they waited an hour to consult with you.

Join Local Festivities

One sure way to get to know your local market and for them to get to know you is to join local festivities and programs. Go to places where your target market hangs out. If they are active in the community events, make it a point to sponsor a particular portion of the event. The community organizers will mention your business name to let the community members know who were behind the successful event.

You don’t lose anything by joining local festivities. You are reaching out to your target market and at the same time, enjoying yourself by getting to know the community leaders and members.

Attend School Programs

You will endear yourself to the parents if you will join your local school programs. This means that you will hold seminars, training, and workshops for the student body. Teaching the toddlers how to have good oral hygiene and how to brush their teeth properly will persuade their parents to bring them to your clinic. As for the teenagers, you need to make sure that they understand the importance of going to the dentist regularly and having their teeth checked.

A dental practice marketing strategy will only be successful if you understand what your patients are expecting from your clinic. Not only do they want you to provide great customer service and guarantee the success of your procedures, but you also need to endear yourself to them on a personal level.