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Businesses like dental practices rely heavily on client appointments. Rarely do we see dentists allowing patients to just walk in without prior appointment unless it is a dental emergency. The booking system can get complicated and mixing up schedules will not help your dental patient marketing.

There’s no need to work on this system manually as no-shows, cancellations, and emergencies can be a headache for your receptionist. Integrating a simple booking system into your website, social media profile, or Google My Business listing will get you to places.

Appointment scheduling apps are tools that for your dental patient marketing your clients can use to set an appointment with you. When clients want to see which time you are available, they simply have to visit your website, Facebook page, or any other platform where the appointment tool is supported, and choose an available date and time. Imagine booking a table in your favorite restaurant. That’s just how simple this tool is.

Where To Incorporate These Tools?

Your website definitely needs an online appointment tool. This is where your clients will go if they need to know your schedule and contact information. Finding that you have an online appointment tool will make the decision to go to your clinic easier for them. You may even want to put the tool right on your homepage to make it more accessible.

You can also add the tool on your Facebook page or you can integrate a bot in your Facebook Messenger. The bot will act as your secretary, letting your customers know where to find an appointment tool for your practice.

Google My Business can also be used to book appointments to your clinic. When you are signed up for GMB, the search engine can pull up your site’s appointment booking tool to allow prospective clients to book right on Google’s interface. There’s no need for them to open your website’s link. All they have to do is book an appointment right on the GMB listing.

What’s A Great Appointment Tool?

The best appointment tools for your dental patient marketing must let clients schedule, reschedule, cancel, modify, and pay. These features will make the job easier for the business owner, as well as the clients. The best appointment apps must be customizable according to the type of business you run and the products and services that you offer. It must also be able to sync the appointments in your personal calendar, making it easy for you to see which schedules are available.

Additionally, the app can process payments, so it can collect an initial deposit from your prospective clients. Some clients actually prefer this because it protects their interests, too.