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When we talk about dental patient marketing, so many things run through our heads. We think about our target market. We think about the effective campaigns we see. We think about social media. We think about traditional marketing methods. Yes, there are simply too many things we need to consider when marketing a dental clinic. But here’s the trick: marketing your dental practice doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it is the most basic of marketing strategies that can get you the number of inquiries you crave.

Welcome Cards

If there’s a newcomer in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to send him/her a welcome card. This will make them feel welcome. They will also learn about your dental clinic. That’s why it’s important to get close to the community leaders. They are the ones who will tell you about any new homeowner in the community.

Get Involved

There are plenty of local events to get involved in. You can volunteer to chaperone the little league baseball team. If you can, stand as their coach. You can also get more involved with the children by teaching them proper oral health hygiene. You can visit their schools and attend events where they can ask questions about your work as a dentist. Simply put, the local community needs to feel your presence.

Start a Blog

Do not ever underestimate the power of the written word to promote your dental clinic. Many of your potential patients still look for meaningful and relevant content that discusses dental procedures, tips, and other kinds of information.


Your website has to be optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing. This strategy is a tried and proven method to drive traffic to your website. The more SEO-friendly your website is, the more patients are going to notice it. What’s important is for your site to rank on the first five results of Google’s search page.

Offer Discounts

There’s nothing more that people love more than receiving discounts from their trusted dentists. Get a loyalty program going on. It’s important for your patients to feel appreciated. While you can use a discount program to attract new patients, it is also good to offer these discounts to your loyal patients as a way of rewarding them.

Putting in effort in your dental patient marketing strategies will result in a better outcome for your dental practice. All it takes is a little bit of effort from your part to test out strategies that will work for your practice.