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We depend on statistics when we think about dental patient marketing strategies because these numbers help us make better decisions. It directly affects how we design our website, how we write content, how we optimize the website, and when we publish on social media.

So, what do current statistics have to say about dental patient marketing? How do these numbers help us achieve our main goal?

The average solo practice needs 20 new patients each month to succeed…

Dental patients, at one point in their lives, will come back to your clinic for more services or replace/repair their dentures and many other things. If they don’t come back, it means they weren’t satisfied with your treatment.

But you should not just focus on retaining customers. You should also give attention to attracting new ones with your dental patient marketing. This is more important as these new customers will become your loyal customers further down the road.

97% of local consumers go online to find local services…

Gone are the days when dentists are word-of-mouth and recommendations from families and friends. Now, if people want to find dentists, they look online for them. If you are not on Google via a website or Google My Business, you are losing a huge opportunity of tapping a market that turns to the internet for information on dental practices.

Maximizing the internet for your dental patient marketing means building a website and an online presence that Google will recognize.

73% of your potential clients use search engines to research dental procedures…

By the time your patients arrive in your dental clinic, they already know what’s about to happen. Some of them even have an idea of what your diagnosis would be. If you tell them they’ll be needing a root canal, they don’t ask what this is anymore. They know it because they have read about it prior to going to your clinic, so never treat your patients with kids’ gloves. Deal with them as adults.

The first step that 72% of patients take when searching for a dentist is to look up online reviews…

Online reviews matter. So, you should not just focus on providing great and quality service to your patients, but you should also make sure they are satisfied with their overall experience in your clinic. It should be enough for them to leave a positive online review of your dental practice. When other potential clients see these reviews, you have a better chance of attracting them.