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Hiring a dental marketing agency is a big step for any dental practice. Although dentistry is quite a profitable profession, marketing is not the first thing they need to invest in when they start building their practices. Dental clinics are expensive, both in terms of rental space and equipment.

Not to mention they also have to hire people—assistants, receptionists, janitors, etc. It takes too much from a dentist to invest in a marketing campaign but in this day and age, it is a crime not to market your business or profession.

First and foremost, dental marketing agents will teach dentists to appeal to new clients using these strategies in their campaigns:

Competitive Pricing

If you can offer your services less expensive than the other dental practices in the market, focus on that. In fact, make it your goal to be a lot cheaper than the other dental clinics in your area. Dental procedures and services are incredibly expensive and most health insurance policies do not cover dental procedures.

Most of the patients have to pay the dentist from their own pockets. Sure, there are dental insurances but these are limited to oral prophylaxis and consultation. Rarely does it cover root canal, dentures, etc.

Fair Packages

Create dental packages that you think your patient might need. If they pay higher but get more services and procedures, they will take your clinic into consideration. That’s what really it’s all about.

The number of dental patients in your area should take your practice into consideration and should choose you in the end (that’s the main goal). You can appeal to the right market by offering your services ala carte but also building competitive and fair packages that will give your patients a chance to pay for every dental procedure they need at a lower price.

Understanding of the Medium

The message can be constructed quite easily: better service for a more affordable price. That’s what everyone is looking for and we all know that.

But a dental marketing agency will also teach dental professionals how to choose the right medium to reach out to their target market. Social media are mostly for millennials. Google is for professionals. The Yellow Pages is for the baby boomers. LinkedIn is for B2B clients.

Every dentist needs know-how on the different medium he/she can use to get the attention of the practice’s target market. This will ensure that the message—hopefully, loud and clear as a day—can resonate with the right audience.