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You should always take note that dental marketing, like plenty of other online industries, is not a static industry. This is one that is going to keep moving and shifting along with any new discoveries in online technology. And like other online industries, if you’re looking to stay relevant within the industry, you’re going to have to adapt and work with the current trends and not go against these.

Staying stubborn in the face of new industry trends is one of the fastest ways to become obsolete in today’s fast-paced industry, so you should always stay on top of current dental marketing trends so that you can figure out which ones can be best adapted for your own strategy. Find out more about the current trends to keep an eye out for here.

Mobile design, of course

Of course, like any other online industry that is still going strong today, you should be well-aware of the demand for mobile responsiveness and responsive design. This is because of the prevalence of mobile technology by consumers nowadays.

A large majority of online users nowadays use their mobile devices to look up information and browse the internet. In fact, at last count, mobile users comprise of more than half of online users, which is a huge demographic that you need to accommodate.

If you want your dental website to be seen, then your site definitely needs to be responsive to different platforms.

Completely original content

Content is one of the most important factors of any effective dental marketing strategy and is a significant trend to incorporate into your existing strategies as well. However, it’s very important to note that there is a significant difference between any type of content that you copy/paste into your website and original content.

Because of the emphasis on quality content for websites nowadays, you should be creating quality, original content for your marketing strategy in order to help your site rank better and to help increase conversions. Plagiarized content will get your website penalized and even banned.

That includes images and other visual content

The call for originality is not something that is applied only to your content. The kind of visual content you use on your dental website is something that needs to be original as well.

While it would be so easy to use stock images in your dental marketing and website, this turns users off on your website because it lacks the human elements that more users are looking for in the websites and practices that they choose to patron.

Taking the extra step to shoot your own photos of your practice and use them on your website can go a long way in building trust with your site visitors, which can help boost conversions along the way.