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You are doing the best you can to market your dental clinic. You are hiring a dental marketing agency to produce strategies and techniques. You attract the right patients. You retain them. You created a good relationship with them. But here’s the question, do your employees believe in your company? Do they know how to deal with your target market? Are you educating them on the benefits of attracting your target audience?

Does Your Team Want to Attract New Patients?

Do your employees see attracting new patients as more work? Do they understand that you need new patients every day? Many employees don’t understand that a business needs new customers to function and make a profit. They view this as more work. They do not make an effort to attract new patients because that means they’ll have to process their requests and answer their queries. They are contented to only serve their long-time patients. They do not understand that not having new patients means low profit.

Does Your Team Understand the Value of Each New Patient?

Your employees need to understand that every new patient brings value to your business. When they impress a patient, he/she can bring in their friends and family for a dental check-up. When they provide good service, the patients will revisit the clinic in the future. Your employees should know that how they treat the patients today will echo in the future. If they treat them well, they’ll be loyal to your clinic. If not, they will possibly look for another dentist they can go to.

Does Your Team Explain How Great Your Practice Is?

Do they know how to impress potential patients with their words and actions? Can they clearly explain the various products and services that you offer? Your employees are the first people that the patients will deal with and talk with. They will be the ones to explain what products and services you can deliver. They’ll be the ones to ask the all-too-important questions: how much does each service cost? Do you accept their insurance policies? Do you accept payment on an installment basis?

Make sure that your team members understand the importance of dental marketing and how their actions can impact the way patients see your dental practice. Once they understand that patients must be attracted and retained by them, then they’ll be the best ambassadors to your brand. Invest in training your employees. Continue to educate them on the proper way to manage patients.