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In order to make sure that your dental marketing strategies hit the mark as much as possible, it is equally important to know what patients hate just as much as what they love. Knowing both sides of the coin helps you come up with the perfect marketing strategy that is designed to appeal to patients as much as possible. In order to help you craft the perfect dental marketing strategies, here are some of the most common things that patients hate about dental practices.

Lack of a proper appointment system

Remember that appointments are one of your primary goals when it comes to setting up your dental marketing strategies. However, if you fail to implement a proper appointment system, especially online, patients are going to have a hard time actually scheduling appointments with your practice, leading to them looking elsewhere for their dental needs.

Unwelcoming office staff

It’s very important to train your staff to always be welcoming to patients who enter your practice. The process of coming in for a dental procedure is nerve-wracking enough, and unwelcoming staff members aren’t going to make it any easier.

Having rude and unwelcoming staff associated with your dental practice is going to hurt your practice’s reputation. If you have unwelcoming staff on top of long wait times, then your dental practice is not providing a welcome environment for your patients.

Lack of communication regarding appointments

A lot of people tend to forget their dental appointments, it happens all the time. Sometimes it’s because they realized that they had another urgent thing to take care of at the same time, but it can also happen because they simply forgot about their dental appointment.

In order to minimize this issue, sending reminders to patients regarding upcoming dental appointments can go a long way in maintaining a steady schedule of appointments and a good relationship with your patients.

Not listening to patient reviews

Asking for patient feedback is integral in dental marketing strategies. After all, patients are the lifeblood of your dental practice, and their opinion on what needs to be changed or kept is important to providing a good environment for your patients.

However, if you ask patients for feedback and don’t act on that feedback, this will result in patients feeling like you’re not listening to them, which can be frustrating on their part. It’s always important to listen to patient reviews in order to understand what needs to be done to improve your practice, not to mention make patients feel like their opinion is important to you and your dental practice.