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There is a 70% chance that new patients will have their first interaction with your dental clinic through your website. If you don’t already have a well-designed website, we suggest putting down your smartphone or laptop right now and finding a web designer who can create a strong and well-designed website for your dental clinic. This should be part of your dental marketing strategies. By not having a website or a presence on the internet, you’re losing opportunities to attract patients and remind current patients about the different products and services that you offer.

Be Thorough With Giving Information

Your patients are going to visit your website because they want to find out everything you can about your services and products. So, when it’s time for lunch your website, make sure that you have all the information that your patient will need. Some of this information concerns your operating hours, the medical insurance that you accept, the products and services that you offer, and whether or not you do emergency dental services. You might also have to put your credentials on the website so that your patients know they are dealing with a legitimate and reputable dentist.

Organize Your Website

It should be easy for your patients to find what they are looking for when they land on your website. You are not catering to the millennials alone. There’s an entirely different generation who will visit your website, too. They are the Baby Boomers. They are your grandmothers or parents. They are not exactly internet-savvy, which means it might be hard for them to find certain information on your website if it’s in disarray.

Create an ‘About Us’ Section

You’re About Us section should include information about your dental clinic and the services and products that you offer. But beyond that, you should also mention what makes your dental clinic different from the others in the same area. You should have a section about the dentists who work there. Make sure to publish their credentials so that your patients will get to know the doctors attending to them.

Share Testimonials

Client testimonials are the easiest way for new patients to trust your dental practice. Right after a patient is done with a dental procedure, you should send an email to him or her asking for a review of your services. Even if only one out of 10 patients will give your clinic a review, you will have a full page of reviews in no time. You should just make sure that your patients will allow publicly posting their reviews of your services.

Developing a well-designed website is one of the ways you can help your dental marketing strategies become successful. It is easier to target your audience when you have a well-designed website.