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Come 2021, the market will demand more from the companies, medical professionals, retailers, and restaurateurs they plan to support. After the disastrous 2020 everyone had, it’s about time that they become more conscious about the companies and brands that they support. A dental practitioner, however, needs to do more than improve his dental marketing strategies. Dentists need to re-earn the trust of the patients. That is front and center of the strategies that should be employed next year.


More than anything, patients want assurance that they are going to be safe in the dental clinic. So, that means focusing your dental marketing strategy on a safety campaign. You have to assure your patients that your clinic has taken safety measures to assure they are not going to be exposed to the virus.

What kind of marketing material is that? Your website should have information on how you are sanitizing the areas of the clinic. You can even make a video of the process you take to ensure that. Make sure that your patients are aware of the investment you made in sanitizing materials and air-purifying devices.


Are you still making your patients call your secretary or receptionist? If so, that should end now. Your website and social media pages should have chatbots that will set the appointments for your patients. Why should they have to call your office if this feature is already available on your website or social media pages?

This will also prevent the need for them to go to your clinic as a walk-in patient. Again, this is linked to the need for social distancing in the future. As much as possible, you need to lessen your staff’s interactions with patients.


Sure, videos are big right now. But can you imagine how much bigger they will be by next year? You need more than ordinary videos to hook your patients. You need 3D animation, livestream, and even virtual reality. For animation, you can create animated videos that will show patients how a dental procedure is done. For livestream, you can start answering their inquiries and questions live. This will solidify your role as an expert in this industry.

Finally, you can also create VR videos that will take patients into the process of often-misunderstood dental procedures such as root canals. The VR can show them that it’s not as bad as they thought it is, or that a root canal will improve their dental health and will stop the problem from exacerbating.