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A great dental marketing strategy means being able to attract around 40 to 50 new patients each month. That’s a sign that you have a great campaign. But how do you arrive at this great strategy? How do you start creating a campaign that will sustain your dental practice’s needs?

All business decisions must go through a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Going through an analysis of the factors why a marketing campaign or any business decision will fail or succeed will empower the organization to make the right choices. This is the primary objective of SWOT analysis. It is the determination of the factors that will affect a business decision’s ability to succeed or fail.


What sets your business apart from other dental practices in the area? List down all the strengths of your business. For example, you have a great social media following. You also have a well-skilled social media manager who devotes his time to improving your dental website. These are the things that will position your business on the way to success.


Every business has a weakness. You might find out that your in-house marketing team is spending more on campaigns than attracting new patients. This might mean you have to hire a marketing agency and dissolve your in-house team. And what are the biggest concerns of your patients? Be very honest with this list so you can recognize the obstacles your practice has to face when it comes to dental marketing.


In your marketing campaign, the goal is to grow your dental practice. You want new patients. You want more followers on social media. You want relevant content. You want more sales and profit. Where will all these come from? Identify the sources of where these new patients are going to come from. How can you take advantage of the opportunities presented to you by your profession?

For example, you have a great number of followers on social media. Continue to engage them. Reach out to them. Offer your old followers a discount, which they can use to avail of your products and services.


Any dental practice can offer the same services and discounts you provide. Anyone can talk about the same topics that you talk about on your blog posts. What are the other threats that could derail your dental marketing strategy? Most patients have a negative impression of dentists. Or, at the very least, they are afraid of dentists. It would do a marketing campaign well to put these concerns to rest.