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We are very firmly in the middle of the digital dental marketing age, and plenty of dental practices are doing their best to keep up. Plenty of them have started hiring marketing companies to handle their marketing for them, which is a great move, as this allows you to focus on running your practice while a professional take care of your marketing for you. However, some practices overthink their marketing, which can lead to some pretty disastrous results. To keep you on track, here are some dental marketing ideas that can do a lot for your dental practice.

Online appointment booking

One of the easiest ways to incorporate online technology into your marketing is by making it easier for your practice’s services to be accessed by your users. When a user visits a dental website for the first time, they are naturally curious about the practice’s range of services. You should be taking advantage of this by making it easy for users to book appointments from your website. This way, you can maximize your conversions from your website.

Automated chatbots

New patients will naturally have questions for you about your dental practice and the services that you offer. However, some practices find it too much of a hassle to provide on-site customer support. You can meet a compromise by making use of automated chatbots to provide responses for potential patients asking about certain types of services. This helps them feel like they’re being listened to and can go a long way for your dental marketing.

Video marketing

You should know that out of all of the marketing methods out there, video marketing is one of the biggest and provides a great ROI. You should be learning how to incorporate video content into your marketing strategies for better user engagement.

Social proof

With the internet being the sole platform for communication nowadays, it has become much easier for people to stay connected, despite the distance. However, the internet has also made it easier for some people to take advantage of others. This has led to the rise in popularity of the use of social proof in online marketing.

Nowadays, if you want your practice to be taken seriously, you should be making use of social proof to boost your practice’s credibility. Encouraging your patients to leave you reviews is a good way to go about this, but don’t be too pushy or it may have the opposite effect.