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The Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of strain on us as dental patients. If we were afraid to go to the dentist before, then we are even more deathly afraid now. While we worry about the dental procedure back then, today is another matter altogether. We fear contracting the virus once we take off our masks and open our mouth for the dentist to check our teeth and gums. This fear is the reason why marketers have to create an effective dental marketing strategy to get patients to set appointments again.

Offer Prepaid Discounted Services

Discounts attract patients, no matter the circumstances. Do you notice how hotels are offering discounted room rates? It’s the same thing that you should do. Offer to your patients the chance to buy service vouchers at a discounted rate. Make sure that these vouchers or gift certificates have no expiration date. It should be an open-ended voucher that they can use when they feel safe enough to set an appointment with you.

With this, you would have already made revenues while rendering the services at a later date. But that’s the beauty of being in a service-oriented business. You do not have products that will rot in the stockroom. You can wait as long as you need to.

Engage in Social Media

The reason why your patients are wary about setting an appointment with you is because they aren’t even aware you’re operating, or that you have made sure your clinic is a safe place for them. That’s what social media is for right now. You have to reach out to them and make sure they’re aware of your current operations. If possible, make a video about the safety precautions you have in your clinic to ease your patients’ worries.

Partner With an Influencer

Social media influencers are big in the scene right now. Everyone follows their every move. Or at least, that’s how it is for their followers. If they see an influencer confident about going to your dentist, this will evoke the same feelings from your target market. They would want to visit your clinic, too. Find an influencer whose reputation you want to represent your brand. Reach out to him/her about partnering. This will generate buzz about your dental practice.

These are the kind of dental marketing strategies that will be great for your business. They can bring your dental practice to new heights even amid the ongoing pandemic.