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No matter what kind of business you run and manage, social media is a must. The problem is some business owners and marketers think that social media should be about promotions. That is far from the truth. Social media is more than just a space where you can hard sell to your customers. It is a space where you should engage them, reach out to them, and show them their value to your business or practice. Social media is an important and valuable component of dental marketing, but it shouldn’t just be about formal and stiff marketing, too.

The idea of social media is to create a space where people (your followers) can see informative, relevant, entertaining, fun, and intuitive content. No one wants to follow a page that is all promotional. You have to use your social media channels to inform, educate, and even entertain your followers. Make sure there’s always a little fun in your social media posts. Here are some great examples:

Videos About Dental Procedures

Most of your followers can be your future patients. No one really wants to follow a dental page on social media unless they are thinking of availing of your services in the future. People will need dental help no matter how much they take care of their teeth. One way to educate them about the services you offer is by producing videos that will show how dental procedures are being done.

Post Photos of Your Staff

And not just any kind of photos, but fun photos of them during team building activities, random funny moments in the office, and eating out during lunch break. You want your followers to see that you are more than a boss. You are a friend to your staff, too. You can be a friend to them, too, especially if they have apprehensions about undergoing dental procedures. Show them a bit of your fun personality.

Show Before and After Photos

With your patients’ permission, you can post a set of before and after photos. This will show how the patients’ teeth and gums look like before and after undergoing a procedure in your clinic. While it might be a little off sometimes to show such unflattering photos, this is the crux of your practice. You have to make people see the importance of taking care of their dental health, even if it’s uncomfortable for them to visit the dentist.

Share Dental Memes

So, you haven’t shared dental memes ever? One of the biggest mistakes of any dental marketing strategy is thinking that you shouldn’t joke around with your patients. Share memes about your profession or even about the issues that bother your followers. Just remember to not share anything that will be offending to your followers, and you will be fine.