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One of the biggest advances in dental marketing today is the rise in popularity of online marketing. Online marketing and other forms of online technology have made it very easy for smaller dental practices and businesses to market themselves to a wider audience, even with a limited budget.

However, despite these advances, there are certain marketing methods that still remain highly relevant and can go a long way in getting your dental practice’s name out there, as long as you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to choosing your marketing method, it’s important that you make the right choice, as the marketing method that you choose will be used to help bring in more patients and increase revenue. Learn more about the different marketing methods that you could be using to market your dental practice.

Digital marketing

Of course, if we’re going to be talking about marketing in today’s industry, online marketing will have to be one of the most popular ones to use. In a nutshell, online marketing is the process of marketing a business’ goods and services through the use of online channels.

Online marketing is a fairly large industry today, so there are plenty of online marketing methods to use. The main advantage of online marketing is the fact that it places smaller practices on the same field as larger ones, which means they have the ability to target the same audiences without being hindered by a limited budget.

Transactional marketing

Transactional marketing is a method of marketing that captures customers’ initial interest by offering them great deals for their first purchase or visit to your dental practice. For example, a free dental checkup followed by a discounted cleaning is a good way to get patients interested in visiting your practice, which hopefully leads to loyal patients.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing used to be the go-to for dental marketing, especially for smaller dental practices. Because people are more likely to choose dental practices that have been recommended by their friends and family, this was one of the most effective forms of marketing. Today, it is just as effective and sought after, but this has now spread to include the opinions of online users in the form of patient reviews and testimonials.

Paid marketing

Even though online marketing has become the go-to for many dental practices, paid marketing in the form of billboards, magazine and television ads, and other forms of paid advertising are still relatively popular among certain demographics.

However, while this does have its own way of working for you, its main disadvantage is the fact that it tends to be more expensive, which is not ideal for practices that have a limited budget for their marketing.