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The ads on your dental clinic’s Facebook page should be driving web traffic and increasing the conversion rate of your dental website. Those are two signs that your dental marketing is working properly. With over 1.8 billion active users a month that spend nearly an average of one hour per day browsing through their news feeds, Facebook is the most powerful social media platform no matter what kind of business you are trying to promote.

And the best part about this is that Facebook ads are super cheap to spend on. That’s why it’s the preferred platform for most small businesses and startups. You can customize the way your money is going to be spent, reaching more of your target audience with a smaller budget compared to other forms of digital marketing.


The boosted posts on your Facebook page should be encouraging patients to engage with your business. They should be asking questions and seeking answers to their queries. They should be exchanging opinions and sharing their experiences with other patients. They should also be inquiring about the different services that your dental clinic provides.

Referral Traffic

Ranking on Google using SEO is very difficult. There are a lot of websites using the same keywords that you are trying to rank for. The easiest way to direct traffic to your website is through your posts on social media. Called the referral traffic, this is the process of getting your patients to click on your website’s URL address on your Facebook page. You will have an easier time redirecting traffic from Facebook because the platform houses many of your target audience.

Solid Fan Base

You’ll want to solidify your fan base or followers on Facebook. If your ads are truly effective, you should not have trouble increasing the number of followers you have on the platform. Your dental marketing strategy should be working hard to increase the people who believe it will do them good to become fans of your page.

Data Collection

You should use your Facebook ads to collect data from your target market. When they click on the ad, you can have a bot set up to ask them their contact information just in case they’d want to receive promotional offers from your dental clinic. You can use the data you have collected to send dental marketing materials to your clients.

Conversion Rate

Your website should be receiving a high number of appointment requests and inquiries. That’s a sign that your Facebook ads are reaching the right target audience. Even your Facebook inbox should be full of followers inquiring about your dental services.