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So, you managed to generate enough followers on social media to make you a kind of micro-influencer. You’re an expert in dental care and your dental marketing strategies have all produced good results. However, recently, you’ve been noticing that your followers have been dwindling. It’s not even so much about not generating more following, but people are actually unfollowing you. What’s making them hit that unfollow button?

Unpleasant Photos and Videos

As a dentist, it is normal to have gross photos and videos of your patients’ teeth on your computer or phone. If the patients allowed you to post their before and after photos, make sure that your followers are well-aware of what you’re about to post before you actually post it. A simple reminder that they might see photos they are not comfortable with will go a long way toward them not clicking on that unfollow button.

Also, make sure to post these intermittently. You don’t have to post them every single day.

No Engagement

Are you replying to your followers? Are you responding to their questions? If not, then why are you surprised that they are unfollowing you? There is nothing worse than ignoring your followers. All they want is to be recognized and valued. If they don’t feel that, then it becomes so easy for them to simply unfollow your social media accounts.

Too Many Posts

How many times are you posting? Your followers want to hear from you. That’s why they’re following you in the first place. However, if you’re posting five times per hour, then that’s going to be a problem. There is no follower in your list who will want to see your posts overwhelm their news feed.

Use a tool to schedule your posts. On Instagram, make it a point to post content every day. But on other platforms, there might be a better schedule that you can follow.

Inconsistent Posting

Your patients in particular follow your account because they want to receive relevant content and information. While they may engage with some of your posts, what they also need is for you to be consistent. If you are inconsistent with your posting time by often leaving your account inactive, your followers may decide to unfollow you.

Your dental marketing strategy will benefit if you have a lot of followers, so take care of your current followers. They will be the same audience you’re going to market to when you post about your dental practice.