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Does your dental practice have a newsletter that you either print out to distribute to the local community or you send via email? If you have, then you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create one that’s specially curated for your audience. Do you know you can use these newsletters to direct your audience to your dental websites? If your websites need more love from your prospective clients, a newsletter—whether digital or printed—will do a great job in advertising your sites.

So, what should your newsletter include in its pages?

Local News

If your dental practice is involved in local news and community programs and activities, you can write about it in your newsletter. At the end of your article, do not forget to mention your dental websites. Mentioning your site will give readers an idea of where to go for more information about your practice. Your involvement in local events is a great way to advertise your practice.

Dental Health Tips

What could be more interesting for potential dental patients than dental health tips? More than anything else, they want these free tips to get an idea of what they need to do to maintain good oral health. Besides, people don’t just find great and free tips from legitimate sources anymore. If you can give a little medical background on why these tips will work, that’s better.

Tooth-healthy Recipes

Should patients avoid sweets altogether, especially the kids? What should they do after eating a plateful of sugary desserts? These kinds of articles will especially be useful during seasonal events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other public holidays when your target market will most likely be whipping up a storm in the kitchen. If they are already having problems with their teeth, what could be the best recipes that will not aggravate their condition?

Special Offers or Promotions

Your newsletter is the perfect vessel to advertise your clinic’s special offers. When there’s a new promotion, you can talk about it in the newsletter. You can even include the coupon codes there, so that’ll be more of an excuse for your customers to peruse its content.

Updates About Your Business

Treat your business as something that the local community cares for (even if they still don’t, for now). Update the target market about anything that happens in your dental practice. If there’s a new staff, introduce that staff to them. If there’s a new dental machine that you are going to use for your services, explain what that machine does.

Just remember to put the URL addresses of your dental websites in the newsletter so your readers can check out your site for more information about the newsletter’s content.