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There are plenty of methods that you can make use of that can help boost your dental marketing for the overall benefit of your dental practice. Out of all of the methods that you can use, dental SEO is one of the most effective, yet most commonly misunderstood. There are plenty of reasons for this. For one, SEO is one of the oldest forms of online marketing that is still being used today.

As a result, people assume that it does not measure up to more modern forms of online marketing. In fact, there are plenty of misconceptions that people have with dental SEO.

It’s a shame, as this method can help you significantly with your dental marketing, as long as it’s done properly. One way to fully understand this method is by learning about the misconceptions of this and what the realities are. Find out what they are here.

Misconception Number 1: It doesn’t work

The most common misconception that people have with SEO is the idea that it doesn’t work, which is why people think that it is a service that they can easily do without. This misconception comes from the fact that SEO is one of the oldest forms of marketing that is still in existence today.

It doesn’t’ help that in its earliest form, it comprised primarily of keyword stuffing in order to boost a site’s ranking on search engines. This form of SEO is known as blackhat SEO and has been banned by search engine sites, so websites that make use of this are penalized. When done properly, your site’s organic traffic is significantly boosted, which is great for conversion rates.

Misconception Number 2: This isn’t really needed

Another common misconception is the idea that it isn’t really needed because of all of the other forms of online marketing that exist out there. The fact is, with the dental industry, you need SEO to make sure that your website remains highly visible, especially as this industry tends to be very localized, which means that patients rely on searches within a specific area. SEO will help you increase your site’s visibility for searches in your area.

Misconception Number 3: It’s easy and you can do it yourself

Because blackhat SEO is in mind when people talk about dental SEO, plenty of people assume that it is extremely easy and that they don’t need to hire a professional to handle it. However, while the concept is simple, it is the furthest thing from being easy to carry out. You need the help of a dental marketing company like Big Smile Marketing to help you carry it out successfully.